Our History

Swift Global Solutions originally started as an online community bulletin board sytem (BBS) on April 17, 2000.  For those who do not know what a BBS is, a BBS is a computer system running software that allows users to log into the system and interact with others users, sometimes via messge boards, sometimes through real time chat.  Many BBS allowed users to upload and download files.  Our original BBS system was called SwiftNET.org and still continues today with active discussion boards.

Soon after starting, we were asked by local businesses about web design, hosting, and e-mail services. This began our entrance into the hosted services industry.  Through word of mouth, other businesses were also inquiring as to how to sign up.

Today, we bring together the best of all worlds.  We are able to provide businesses, organizations, and individuals with reliable web and e-mail services while also providing a safe online environment to interact with other online members.  Perhaps you have an investment question.  Simply post the question to our investment discussion board and await responses from other participants.

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