Why Use SGS

Simplify your technology needs by hosting your web site, e-mail, and content with Swift Global Solutions.

Our web and e-mail services have proven to be extremely reliable. We have been helping businesses enhance their online presences since 2000. Swift Global Solutions does not have any hidden fees. If we design your web site, future minor updates are included in the monthly service fee. FirstMagic allows those who desire to make changes to a web site simply by editing a document.  For more information about FirstMagic, click here.

Access your e-mail, contacts, calendar, files, and more from everywhere.  Since we are using cloud based technology, you are able to access all of your materials from anywhere you are connected to the Internet whether it be your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

We provide safe and secure services.  E-mail and attachments are scanned for spam and viruses.  The software we use is not prone to the malware attacks that many of the more popular products are susceptable to.

No annoying ads!  There are no annoying ads displayed to you.

Unlike some of the larger email providers, we do not scan your email and use the content to target specific ads at you.

Data stored on our servers resides in the United States.  We do not store our data on remote servers in foreign countries.  In fact, most of our data center is in Portland, Maine.

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